How to get the best out of Connected Apps like MS OneDrive

Hi. I connected a custom GPT to my Microsoft OneDrive Personal Account. I understood that it should now be able to directly access files and read its content?

However it says “I currently don’t have the capability to directly access or display the contents of your Microsoft OneDrive” after I connected it?

The only thing I can do is to manually add specific files to the GPT - which defeats the purpose as I thought it should be able to search through many different files in different folders on OneDrive

Any help or guidance? Thanks

Nope. That’s what it is, you’re able to transfer files directly from the cloud to the model. That’s it—at least for now.

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OK, But when I asked Chat GPT what it can do with the connection to OneDrive is stated the below - so all this is wrong then?

"When you connect your Google Drive or OneDrive to a custom GPT, the GPT gains access to the documents and files stored in your cloud storage. Here’s what typically happens with the information:
Search and Indexing: Depending on the implementation, the GPT may index the documents to improve searchability. This allows it to quickly locate relevant information when a query is made.

Example Workflow

  1. User Query: You ask the GPT a question related to home maintenance.
  2. Document Search: The GPT searches your connected Google Drive or OneDrive for relevant documents.
  3. Information Extraction: It extracts the necessary information from the documents to formulate a response. "

Don’t do that—it doesn’t know.

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Yep, Elmstedt is correct! That’s all that function can do for now.

That’s more advanced than it sounds. It’s a common use-case, but definitely a level-up.

It actually does “depend on the implementation.” You can achieve this through GPT Actions. They give some explicit examples for a Google Cloud workflow, but you just do the same in Microsoft Azure.

  • You’ll need to set up an account at Azure and OAuth. (I’m guessing.)
  • Enable the API to your OneDrive via Azure.
  • Somewhere in that documentation is a machine-readable link to all of the OneDrive API endpoints. Grab that URL and past it into a version of ActionsGPT, which can help you understand and write the OpenAPI specifications you’ll need to define custom Actions.

From there, its a matter of carefully defining the scope of the connection in your CustomGPT Actions, and testing. I’ve got an Action that uses Google Drive in general vs one to work with a specific document that can pass the information into the Data Analysis Tool and back without the intermediary loading stage.

I am happy with the security of the connection for a small scale connection, but I can see the complications for mass implementation. There are also definite risks involved with data overwriting, integrity, and hallucinations, and what-not.

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