How to get consistent results from Customized GPTs?

Hi, everyone!

After a few days using/ creating GPTs, I have 1 biggest question here:

How to keep the requirements consistently using by GPT? For example, when I ask for 1 requirement, it follows; but if I ask for more requirements later, the previous one will disappear… and you need to request again, the previous step might disappear one of them again…

I was worried about if GPT store published, and the same issues keep showing to users and not meet my requirements, it’s kind of annoying for both me and the users.

Or I should use API to get consistent results?

Is anyone having same issues?

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Are you putting the requests you want into the instructions itself in the GPT? It should follow these every time and I have found it to be 100% effective, it reads these directions every time it responds. If you are maybe try playing with the layout of your instructions. Try and number your instructions and make it very clear how you want everything executed.

The GPT’s use the Assistant API so I dont think you’ll see any change moving over to the assistant API unless you’re looking for more tokens in a conversation.

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Rather than using the GPT Builder to continue to customise the GPT (under the Create tab) you need to move to the Configure tab and directly edit the Instructions. You may want to have a separate ChatGPT session where you seek guidance to improve the instructions.

If you only use the GPT Builder it keeps refining and changing the Instructions and keeps them quite short, and you lose “memory” of everything you have said before.