Custom GPT with attached files and loss of instructions after a while


I’m trying to build an MVP for my platform and I’m facing couple of issues I can’t find a way to overcome.


  • The chatbot has instructions on how to respond, what tone and voice to use, how to engage with person to provide required support.
  • It has attached couple of files with information I want it to use to have better understanding on how to respond to user, how to evaluate the user and it’s behavior to respond properly


  • After couple of messages it feels like it forgest it’s instructions and loses the track and either starts to respond some unrelated garbage. However I have a point in instructions which states something like “read instructions before each response”
  • Sometimes it starts to just paste the content from the files without any logic

What I’m thinking of as a solution:

  • Create a two-level system of models where first level acts as a middleman between user and AI
  • Where first AI just gets the prompts from user, passes them to main AI (with knowledge and instructions)
  • Main AI responds, first AI checks the response and if complies with instructions forwards it to user, if not asks the main AI to reread the instructions and regenerate response

What are your thoughts on that? Did anyone had similar issues? How did you solve them?

I’d like to keep my costs to just ChatGPT Plus, but it feels I won’t get away just with that and for multi-level chat I’ll need to use API anyway.

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Sub-par document retrieval has been an ongoing frustration on my end while using custom GPTs - currently exploring other options for simple Q&A doc retrieval

Yes, that another idea I had - create Q&A pairs from the books and files and then attach them to it for reference, might work better. But in my case the bigger issue is it’s stops or not following the instructions at all. And if I keep them brief as instructed elsewhere then it behaves even more without instructions.

What’s your approach with Q&A, something similar to mine or different? I’ve actually trying to create such Q&A list using it by uploading the book one by one and then asking it to create 20 pairs for each section, however I didn’t try this approach yet as I’m more focused now on making it follow instructions.