How to get a GPT to consistently reference the documents in the knowledge base?

I’ve uploaded a few documents to my GPTs knowledge base, and despite instructing it to always reference the documents when answering a question, it does not always give the “searching knowledge base” symbol and starts answering right away.

How can I have it consistently reference the knowledge base first before answering a question?

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Had same need, using instructions as “search always in the knowledge” helped me a lot.
Put it on the top of instructions and try.


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No luck with that phrase, the GPT still doesn’t reliably say “searching my knowledge”.

What does work is after the first answer to tell it to “Have a look in the knowledge base” - then it does :thinking:

This setup is not ideal however.

From my experience; the more GPT is focused on one particular domain knowledge, the more that “searching my knowledge” phrase works.

Also “This GPT should always search it’s knowledge base before answering” can work better.

A recent update to the model fixed this, and my GPT is pretty great at referencing the knowledge base now. Thanks!

What do you expect the content to be? Was it what you expected? And what did GPT say? In many situations it is not necessary to check the knowledge retrieval every time and it will correctly answer what is in the file.