How to force gpt api function to call function many times

for example I have now 3 different functions for one gpt api function model, how can I force imodel to call one function or other functions too as many times as it needs, I mean some function maybe need to be used 2 or more times, so now current model can call it once and only one

its hard to say without specifics of the code or what the specific issue is with all its nuances. By all means I mean no disrespect, but have you tried using a loop?

I’m working on some private project but I can give you more specific example, for example I have some array and have some functions to mimic update add or remove element, how can I force gpt to do 2 update from one request, I mean I’m showing gpt that I have [1,2,3,4,5] and the request is to update 2 and 4 with 10, so that’s what I’m trying right now, when the task have subtasks

You can call more than one function per API call, you might be able to get back many parameters, but not function calls.

there is this thread that may be of interest Emulated multi-function calls within one request