Trigger multiple functions simultaneously with Function Calling

Hello OpenAI community,

I have a question regarding the ability to trigger multiple functions at the same time using the Function Calling function. Is there already a way to do this without having to create custom functions? For example, I would like to be able to run two separate functions like “Play XYZ on Spotify” and “Tell the current time” in a single prompt without having to create a custom function that combines both functions. Is this currently possible? If yes, how exactly does this work? If no, is there a plan to add this function in the future?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Only one function is called at a time.

You receive “function_call” and “function_name” that the AI has chosen is appropriate to use. AI is trained on calling one function and its special format is extracted by the endpoint.

The AI can call multiple functions before answering, each with its own turn, but this means also sending back multiple full conversations to continue between when it uses the “google” function and then decides to “bing”.

ChatGPT, for example, gets the date in the system message every question. It would be simple to put your “session start date/time” and “current date/time” in each API system prompt yourself so the AI always knows this, or other dynamic things it should know.

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It seems a smart solution: Emulated multi-function calls within one request