How to force French output?

Hi, I would like my output to always be French.

When I write the prompt in French, sometimes the output comes back in French, sometimes in English. Even when I add “en” français in the prompt, which means “in French”).

Here I am not talking about translation. I would like the prompt/context to be in French and the answer to be French.

Is there a way to force “only French” as a prompt or context?

Thanks for your help,

When I extract data, it helps to list the expected properties in the language that you need your response to be in.

Prompt could be: “Extract text from \n\nTEXT IN FRENCH GOES HERE”.\n\n| Nom | adresse | âge |"

Hope this helps.

Hi, bumping this thread. I have the same issue, I don´t understand how to write the prompt from your description above.
If I want to write a snippet of text in French how would the prompt look using your example above?

One thing that works sometimes for free-form output is simply taking a common French word (like some pronoun or “I” or whatever) and starting your answer with it. (Maybe you could also select one at random.) This way the generation is still pretty unconstrained, but very unlikely to be English.