How to fine-tune to create items with characteristics


I have a list of items from League of Legends. DaVinci knows them, but when asked about their characteristics it got it wrong. So I thought I would fine-tune the model to give it the updated characteristics. Here is an example of a prompt for an item:

  • Serylda’s Grudge: 45 Attack Damage, 30% Armor Penetration, 20 Ability Haste. Bitter Cold: Damaging Abilities Slow enemies.

But I’m not sure how to format the dataset. I read the resource from OpenAI’s documentation and it wasn’t very helpful.

I read : How do I format my fine-tuning data? | OpenAI Help Center and I think it gets very close to what I need. But I would like a confirmation before I jumped into it. And some explanation as to what the indicator string like ‘->’ actually means and how adding such a random string in the prompt doesn’t mess with it

Thanks !

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Study this tutorial and you should have a much better idea about fine-tuning:



This sounds like something embedding could solve. Have you looked into that?