How to disable prompt suggestions

Recently I am seeing suggestions in ChatGPT. These may be helpful to some people but others may find them distracting. I am trying to keep the UI as clean as possible to focus on my work.

I looked through the settings and there is no option to remove them.


Use a user script to set the elements css do display: none.

Yes this can be done but ideally there should be an option to disable the prompts.


I have to agree with this. They’re cluttering up the UI and don’t usually have any relevance to what I’m trying to do. Would be nice to have the option to disable.


Use some custom css to set their style to display: none.

That’s the only way to do so currently.

There’s another topic that tangentially covers this here,

This is so frustrating; and the example prompts actually get in my way both esthetically and practically.

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It is especially annoying on the android mobile app, since screen real estate is already very tight. Who needed this feature?

It is this whole silly element that I colored purple that is the real pain.


Blocking the selection of text, coloring the text with a gradient, even blocking the scroll bar.

It is the container for not just the suggestions (which aren’t a problem if you have big enough screen they don’t also block plugin selections), but also for the button, still over the text even though I’ve got 300px of white space on the right where its buttons can be moved.

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Gotta have that cool gradient effect :rofl:

This is a perfect solution. Still, I’d like to share in venting as every new ChatGPT feature has come with a toggle. Except for this one. The fact that even 0.0005% of users experience issues with it should be enough to justify a toggle option for the suggestions as well.

Being brutally honest they are next to useless. Compared to all the other features I would rank the suggestions at the very bottom.

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Other than not being useful, the examples block the plugins navigation in the UI rendering it impossible to use. I’m experiencing this issue in safari in one of the most common iPhones. It’s pretty fascinating how this feature could be rolled out in the first place.

Your resolution is too low for the page layout. The problem is with your phone, not the web page.


Some examples,

When your screen is zoomed in, there aren’t enough available pixels for everything. So the solution is to zoom back out or use the app.

In ChatGPT: Settings → General → Disable suggestions

Wait, there is no such setting. That would be too easy.

On Firefox mobile, to give you more breathing room, for teenager eyes:
settings → accessibility → font size, 80%

Firefox desktop, in URL, about:config, has a setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx (unfortunately config access removed in newer Firefox mobile)

Deviate from 1.0 only in small steps, as it changes the entire program UI.

not in the way any more.

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