How to delete a FineTune model via ChatGPT API

I am doing fine tuning (additional learning) using OpenAI’s API (Python version).
I was able to perform fine tuning and create new model, but I cannot delete it.
I cannot find delete method (API).
Could you please tell me how to delete it?,

I tried deleting the fine-tuned model using client.models.delete(model) api,
but an error occurred saying that there was no such model, and I was unable to delete it.

NotFoundError: Error code: 404 - {‘error’: {‘message’: “The model ‘ft-Ou8aW1syt9jmutpuYVTiTol4’ does not exist”, ‘type’: ‘invalid_request_error’, ‘param’: ‘model’, ‘code’: ‘model_not_found’}}

Also, what is the difference between FineTuning and FineTunes packages?
(Is FineTunes an older version of the deprecated package, and is the FineTuning package the new recommended one?)

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Fine tuned models are persistent and maintained at OpenAI’s expense, there is no delete method that I am aware of, you simply discard it and carry on.

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They access different endpoints.

The Fine-tunes endpoint will be shut off on January 4th, 2024.

Set some bookmark in your mind to overcome the utter confusion:

fine-tuning: G = good

tuning = staying