Delete a fine-tuned model OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo

Hello there, I need to help!

I just created some fine-tuned models, but some of them are not helpful, so I want to delete them for a clearer look.

Suppose I want to delete “ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:personal::8PA9ufhg”, What are the things I need to do now?

You’ll have to delete it using the API. There isn’t a UI button for it.

You are looking at a log file of events not files , Fine-Tunes are retained by OpenAI at their expense, you do not need to remove them.

Thank you, I think this is all I can do.

I tried to delete by Postman: DELETE Method:

The response: Delete successful and I can not use this model for any apps. I knew that I have deleted this model. But the OpenAI Fine-tuning UI interface is not updated and has been deleted. I still see the model there and of course it is no longer usable.

Thank you, Foxabilo.

I deleted that model by DELETE Method using Postman, but I can not delete it on OpenAI Fine-tuning UI Interface, maybe I can not do it.

Yes, what you are looking at is a logfile of events, like a ledger, not an active list, hence the entries will stay there.

so i deleted the fine tuned models, got confirmation from api, but they are still listed in GUI here

hours passed since deletion!

Any update on this? I did the same and they’re still listed. Do they get purged once every day or something? How long does it take for the deletion to reflect in the UI / API models list?