How to charge for a custom GPT?

Hello - I’ve created a custom GPT but I don’t understand how to charge users to use it, can you pls tell me how to? thanks for your help

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You can add authentication to your GPT and limit usage of your GPT based on it by adding a monetization layer on top of it

All this can be done by using a custom action

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Thanks! I’m not quite there yet in understanding how the backend works. Could you please point me to where I can build a custom action? Thanks !

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here’s a snippet from the gpt-store announcement:

Builders can earn based on GPT usage

In Q1 we will launch a GPT builder revenue program. As a first step, US builders will be paid based on user engagement with their GPTs. We’ll provide details on the criteria for payments as we get closer.

To be listed in the GPT Store the custom GPT must be functional in some way for non-paying users—either through limited features or for a limited time.

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Definitely. Completely blocking doesn’t make sense but one can limit the usage of GPT and monetize on top of it by limiting the number of messages or limiting premium features

It is probably a very bad idea to implement some type of monetization on top of OpenAI’s platform at this point.

OpenAI is planning a revenue sharing plan for builders, that should be the focus.

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In the first quarter of this year monetization will be launched for some users in the US, the rest we know nothing at all. In the end this does not make sense, because to access a gpt you need a paid subscription. So we just have to wait, and my statistics imply that for most of 2024 there will be no real monetization unless the competition pushes.

Hi everyone,
I am an Australian developer looking to launch an AI consultancy business. One area of interest is the customer development of a GPT for use by Veterinarian’s, with a focus on care planning and discharge summaries.
Is anyone aware of a way to create the GPT and charge a subscription for businesses to access the model, outside of the GPT Store?
Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.

At the present time this is not endorsed or supported by OpenAI.

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I’d suggest looking into the Assistants API to build a custom solution that fits your usecase.

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How about buying a ChatGPT Team account and then assigning a member-account to each Client user?
It would cost you US$30/month per member-account (or US$300/year), but you retain full control.
You could also use Workspaces to organize things.

May have to read the OAI fine print to make sure this is allowed though.

That would be an off-label use of ChatGPT team and is a bad idea for so many reasons.

Here’s three,

  1. Any client would be able to invite up to about 1,000 additional users to your workspace at a cost of up to $30,000 / month to you.
  2. Management of workspace GPTs isn’t designed for that level of granularity. So pretty much every member of the workspace will be able to see any GPTs shared to the workspace.
  3. Clients will be able to see other clients.

Hmmm, the risk identified in point (1) also applies to Team use within a company, where any employee could also invite 1000 people.
Sounds like a great way to increase revenue for OpenAI!
Definitely more granularity is needed in roles & authorizations to make it usable in the real world.

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It’s been discussed and rejected. OoenAI is aware of it. This is the SaaS model they have gone with, it’s the same with many other providers.

Trust within your organization is your responsibility.

That leaves a big gap between Team and Enterprise.
Oh well.

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I don’t disagree.

Going back to Kerri’s question, how about asking each client to get their own ChatGPT account (associated with their own credit card!) and asking the client to give you one of their Team accounts (with Admin rights).
It will only cost the client US$600/year, they retain control, the ISV has access, and OpenAI gets their money to buy more GPUs.
And everybody is happy enough?

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It’s again an off label use of Teams.

The only real answer right now is you should not be trying to charge users to use your GPTs.

Here’s a useful way to think about it,

ChatGPT customers are OpenAI’s customers—not yours.

If you want the users of what you’ve built to be your users, build something using the API.

Until OpenAI provides some other guidance on the issue, any attempts at monetization are at best in a gray area, because they’re not your customers.


Actually I just saw that there is a specific option to report a custom GPT for trying to sell something to users:

It’s currently not allowed.