How to change "I'm GPT-3", "I'm created by openai" etc. in response from ChatGPT api?

How in the response sent by the chatgpt api

“I AM GPT-3”
“I was created by openai”
“I was created in {custom data}”

And can other similar answers be changed for example “I am Ai I am unknown who made me I am made in 2023”

Can you please give me an example code in python for this issue

You can do this with instructions. Explicity tell him he’s made by XYZ and is called XYZ. It might work most of the time.
Don’t know if ToS allow this (maybe it does, idk?), but imma answer your question anyways :slight_smile:

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the python api code is in the openai api documentation and on the api introduction pages.

your prompt might work if u tell it to roleplay as XYZ or whatever name u choose etc who is a person who doesn’t know who made them and was made in 2023. gpt4 is better at roleplay i’ve found.

To everyone’s points here, there’s no way to explicitly program it to follow these instructions unless you pass the instructions in the Prompt. Say things like “do not respond with anything except…”, “Do not tell me about yourself”, etc. However, I am unfamiliar with this type of behavior, and I use both 3.5 and 4 plenty. In the end, you can hide these through Instructions like with Assistants API.