How to capture important missing information?

Sometimes ChatGPT (3.5) does not mention important, relevant information in a response to a query for information - and I want to ask if anyone has good ways to resolve this.

As an example, if you Google “should i use salt water on pineapple,” at the top of the results it tells you that salt water deactivates bromelain enzymes in the pineapple. I tried asking ChatGPT the same question, and it initially said that this is not a common practice. I then asked if some people do this, and what benefits it would have. It responded that some people do indeed put salt water on pineapple, and listed some benefits, but did not mention bromelain or reducing the stinging sensation. I then asked if it knew about the stinging sensation, and it said yes, and mentioned that it is caused by bromelain enzymes. I then asked if salt water would affect this, and it said yes, using salt water on pineapple is done to de-activate bromelain enzymes and reduce the stinging sensation.

I think created a new chat and tried to ask for ChatGPT to tell me all the potential benefits of using salt water on pineapple, without leaving anything out. However, it still did not mention bromelain or stinging sensation until I asked it directly.

This is a problem for me, as I use ChatGPT to get information or do research, often on topics I do not know much about. For those topics, I would not be able to know if ChatGPT has omitted important information, and I would not be able to ask ChatGPT directly about omitted info which I did not know exists.

How can I better request information so that I can be confident that nothing obviously important was omitted?