Get ChatGPT to use plugins to actually do research instead of just returning search results to me or giving up?

Using ChatGPT with Plugins, I try to enable various web search and summarization and Link Reader plugins, so ChatGPT can do research for me and find facts without me having to do the research myself, but it almost never does anything useful. It typically just does a web search and then turns around and hands the results over to me like it doesn’t know what else to do with them, and tells me to do my own research. Some examples from the last few days:

However, as with any scientific topic, it’s always a good idea to check multiple sources and consult experts when possible. … For a definitive answer, it would be best to consult scientific literature

That’s what I’m asking you to do…

While these sources don’t directly confirm …

So do more searches until you find the answer, don’t just give up after the first try.

For more detailed information about … you can visit these links:

Why don’t you visit them for me and obtain the specific facts I asked you to obtain?

Unfortunately, the document was not able to be fully retrieved…

So try again! Use a different search term or a different plugin. It’s pretty easy for me to retrieve it.

Please note that while these resources may provide some information, they may not directly answer your question

OK, then keep searching until you find something that does.

However, it’s not clear from the information available online whether it supports all the features you need.

So keep searching!

Any ideas on prompts that would encourage the AI to be a more helpful research assistant?


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I have Link Reader enabled, which can load any page, but ChatGPT doesn’t even use it. I’m not sure BrowserPilot plugin will help, but I guess I can try it.

Any progress with this? I’m looking to integrate similar functionality

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No, it still behaves this way for me.