How to build a perfect product description generator

Hi, I am new to OpenAI and have done extensive research on how to use prompt to generate text. I am no pro at it but working on learning everyday.

I am trying to build a prompt for product description similar to what is done by, CopySmith, or any other AI writing tools on internet.

I built a prompt like below and was looking for ways to improve the output. I set the temperature to 0.5 and response to 240.

Write an informative product description for below:

Yellowstone national park t-shirt for outdoor. The t-shirt is made with 100% cotton. Perfect for anyone planning to visit yellowstone national park. This t-shirt is printed and designed in USA

This Yellowstone National Park T-shirt is made with 100% cotton and is perfect for anyone planning to visit Yellowstone National Park. The shirt is printed and designed in the USA.

However, the response is very small. I am not sure how else I can instruct GPT3 to add detail instruction.

Hope I make sense.



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Have you tried with higher temperature?

Maybe showing 1 or 2 examples for same helps better

I will try it out based on your recommendations.