How to add payments to GPTS and make Money

Hi, everyone. Over the last week or so we have seen lots of people create GPTS while waiting for the store to open. TODAY I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOU some of my own personal
Experiments while you wait for the GPT STORE.

So i created a GPT called sport oracle which is a predictions GPT for all types of sports. In here i experimented with a new but simple payment method which i think should do the trick as a starting point for others to add on top.

For this the gpt asks user to first make a payment to a particular number or email if paypal is being used, once payment is made the user takes a screenshot which it then uploaded and verified by the AI ( this was one of the hardest parts actually) as there are many loopholes which can be used to trick it into just doing the predictions ,however i will explain how these can be resolved as we go on.
(Summerised version but hope you get it)

After all these or atleast most were worked out, i tested it out and so far so good. :smiley: infact i would say its pretty good. When paired with proper prompting you would be surprised just how far you can take this.

Below are screenshots which show messages of how it behaves and for those who want to test the sports oracle payment you test it out the GPT here.

Understand ?? If not here is a simpler break down, first in your system prompt add a variable where the Gpt you have created asks user to pay using what ever preferred method, e.g. PayPal like in the screenshot.

Then tell it to ask user to upload the screenshots (most transactions have valuable data which is unique, study your payment method and pick the right one to help the AI know the difference) and use this to verify the authenticity. This uses the image capabilities as a way to verify payments.

Think of it as if the AI is a Manuel checker who uses a receipt to make sure you have the right goods, etc. this method is known as the MND checker. Something which should help people get paid.

UPDATE: so I’ve been experimenting with this even more and it just keeps on amazing me, so i have found a way to use CRYPTO payments in your GPTS, basically use the same method outlined above (user pays and then uploads payment screenshot, etc.

when this has been done your GPT should then be directed to go to your wallet account on ETHERSCAN ( WALLET ADDRESS HERE AND REMOVE BRACKETS)) and check for transaction sent to your wallet from the address shown in the screenshot.

This will help verify the crypto transactions in a simple and seamless manner. also a secret which i have found is that you have to limit the verification hour to within 30 mins of last payment message sent by your GPT and use date for verification. This will stop users from cloning or reusing already used payments etc i will continue to do more experiments on how this can be made even more secure.

If someone ever finds a way to leak your system prompt the worst they will find is just a PayPal email address or ether scan wallet, data which is publicly available for everyone :smiley:. Hope you make a blast this festive and remember if you do make money using my method feel free to send me a text or gift.

Note : the email used for PayPal doesn’t work so please do not send anything there, as am still updating my Gpt i will add the proper email there.

The goal was to show you how you can start making money from your gpts before and after the store comes, not how well my GPT is working lol. Thank you for your time :smiley: and have a great festive.

Bonus points: if you can get my sports oracle to reveal its system prompt (am testing something hit me up if you manage)


What happens if you upload a fake screenshot? Or trick the model into believing you actually paid. A more robust approach would use actions.


Maybe you can consider adding some ads to your GPTs? This way, people can use your gots for “free”, while you will earn money from it.

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