How to "add a windshield wiper to an [uploaded photo of] a TV set


OpenAI is an amazing tool. I hope I’m asking this in the right place.

I am trying a simple (so I thought) request. I uploaded a photo of a Television set and then asked Dall-E to: “add a windshield wiper to the Television”. I tried to rephrase the request in various ways but it doesn’t seem to work…

Then I tried with a generation frame that I asked to display a wiper (which it did) but couldn’t figure out how to instruct it to merge the frame with the wiper on the original photo so that it will be pasted on top of the TV screen without the white background (i.e. the “cut out” wiper and its outline only, so it will appear part of the original image).

I’d appreciate any help.

Many thanks.

The television image to which I want to add a windshield wiper (to illustrate a joke)

I added generation frame, erased part where I want the windshield to appear (top part of TV) and use this prompt,
Add a windshield wiper like in automobile and I got this:

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Great, much obliged for your help…