How to achieve consistency of comic characters

I created my own comic GPTS, and I found that no matter how I set it up, I couldn’t maintain the consistency of the characters. Unless I kept describing the characteristics of the characters when generating each plot picture, the similarity of the characters would be higher. I have tried many ways for this, like I told GPTS that I want the role information entered by the user as the default value and use the role’s default description every time the role name is mentioned, but every time he gets an error and then I ask him why not The default value of the role description was applied, and he apologized to me and said that he had forgotten it. I would like to ask if anyone has any good ideas for this.

  1. Consistency of a single character
  2. Consistency of multi-character interactive roles

By the way, this is my GPT (Name:NIUBOYIAI Comic Assistant 2), please give me some suggestions.

Who will help me solve the problem? I will be his girlfriend

I recommend that you create a prompt according to the conditions of the Promptbase website at least once. The work of creating the image after that is very easy.

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Use “Image Consistency and Reproducibility In DALL-E 3” to search in chrome and you will find an article on linkedin.

Seems have a secret to tell AI to return “seed number” and actual prompt for each generation. Pass seed number in new request prompt helps keep style consistant.

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Thank you, I tried to fix the description in the document and use the associated method to call it. So far, the comic plot consistency has been achieved.

Thank you, I used the description relationship between the seed and the character to maintain the consistency of the character.

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