How to Access the OPEN AI Consent Screen or User Emails During Plugin Installation?

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I hope everyone is doing well. I’m currently working on developing a plugin for ChatGPT and have encountered a question that I’m hoping someone here can help me with.

I want to build a workflow for my plugin that saved the user from creating a whole new account after plugin install. I would like to access the emails of the user signing up, whatever email is linked to the Open AI account.

  1. How can I get consensual access to this information without forcing them to create a new account through my own Oauth workflow or google sign up?

I would just like to leverage the fact that the user will already have an account with Open AI and they dont need a seperate one to use my plugin.

  1. How can I prompt users to the OPEN AI consent screen during the installation of my plugin, where they can grant permission for the plugin to access their email address?

  2. If accessing user emails directly is not possible, are there any alternative methods or workarounds that I can use to achieve similar functionality while respecting user privacy?

I appreciate any guidance or suggestions that the community can provide. Thank you in advance for your help!

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You could require an oauth and including a consent, then send your users to that screen?

I am going to play with some workflows today. My ideal workflow is this.

  1. They install the app
  2. A help prompt gets displayed showing users how to use the app, and how to sign up
  3. They get asked by Chat GPT is they consent to sharing their OPEN AI email and account. Ideally this could be done through the chat rather than an external website but that may not be secure. (I think that would be the best UI if they could log in through the chat, similar to how you dont need to leave an iPhone app to make an account with the app)
  4. The user can start using the app and they never need to login again aslong as they are logged into OPENAI.

What do you think of this workflow?

Following this thread, I have a similar use case I think where I need to store the user’s email in order to use it as a variable to access external APIs that I want to link for the user in my GPT. @erikd234 have you investigated how this could be solved with the new custom GPT edit functionality? I’ll attach a screenshot.


I had to get it from google, then store it in a database which was mapped do their unique token session. I would read the token each time and make a en query for the email if I needed it.

Can you describe the workflow in detail? Or maybe point me towards some documentaiton on it? Haven’t found so much on it on OpenAi.

  1. When a user logins in to ur oauth workflow you can ask for info like an email via google sign in, when u finish the oauth workflow open ai will give you some token based on their session. This token gets passed to ur api each time they make a request. Open ai won’t give you the email, you need to request it explicitly from the user with some workflow of your choice (to the oauth2.0 standard).

  2. I had a database (I used Postgres) mapping the token to a user email.

  3. Every request to my api if I need the intro from the user (email, user data etc) the token will let me know which user is using my api.

Hope that helps. For documentation, the token info is on the plug-in docs. The oauth info can be found on oauths website, and for storing data take ur pick on your favourite database.

Hope that was helpful! If you want more detail I’m happy to provide it.

ok! Thanks for a great response :sunny:. I will go ahead and try it out.