Data Analysis/Code Interperter like functionality via API? Hitting GPT4 limits


I’m a PhD student in a computational (life) science discpline but from a field that rarely has direct CS/ML/etc education. I have a whole thesis to research and write surrounding a niche disciplinary topic, which is difficult to get at even with 10+ years of experience before starting on my PhD.

I have had a lot of good experiences with the Data Analysis or Code Interperter functions available in GPT4 (and Github Copilot - but to a much lesser degree) to learn/automate/generate data for my PhD. I am a (big time air qoutes) “domain expert” for my field that really benefits from the fast coding solutions and subject matter specific education I can get from GPT4, but I am hitting the wall with queries very often. I would get more accounts, but that is not even possible with the sign up limit.

I can spaghetti code my way to a workable hack solution to most of my problems, but I simply have no idea how to work around GPT4 limits despite having access to 8+ A100s and 300ish CPU threads of free computing power via my lab. I mostly use this for bespoke computational software (physics based, not ML) in my lab, but there is a fair amount of downtime between the very large computational jobs we do.

Is there a way to get a DA/CI like functionality in the API or elsewhere? What I am really missing is having an LLM that can both process documents and compute code without direct intervention for niche specific problems. I have money and computing resources to throw at this, but I can’t figure out where to start.

I’ll happily provide some knowledge in my domains in exchange :wink:

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Hey there, I am new to the forums. You can probably pay for multiple Premium accounts if you are hitting the 50 GPT4 queries / 3 hours limit through the UX. Your other option is try to try the Assistant UX (which as of today is being charged 12/13/2023), since it also has access to Code Interpreter and I do not believe is subject to the same limits (except for the base $120 you are allotted when you create an account/API key). However, if you try to do this programatically through the API, you will need to leverage the command line interface that Open AI has specified, and then extract all the relevant CI components and render them accordingly. Code Interpreter fortunately does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of bringing together the final response.