How much can ChatGPT-4o remember? Teams Plan

In other words, why shouldn’t I upload ton of data about my projects, todos, research material, hopes, dreams, roleplaying game rules, notes, etc. and then let ChatGPT remember and manage it? It does very well remembering simple todo lists and projects in my experience but I’m wondering how big its memory per-user is, and how much I can ask it to remember. I’m on a single-user Teams plan for more 4o access allowance.


There’s so many variables here it doesn’t help to try and explain these things. How OpenAI handles this information in the back-end is only known on a very generalized level & is probably being tweaked/adjusted all the time.

Simply put: The more you add, the more chance for cross-contamination. You’re using up OpenAI’s compute so that part doesn’t really matter.

But if you start asking about your schedule and ChatGPT starts roleplaying with you and talking about dreams you’re left with a big massive pan of shit-spaghetti.

Instead it would be easier to debug if you had numerous GPTs with specific roles and had them communicate with eachother.


Alas, with about 5,000 characters stored (just adding up everything in Memories), I’m getting memory full.

This certainly makes things massively less useful if you’re starting with essentially a clean slate in each conversation.


Memories are more about personality traits, preferences, interests. Basically what information every advertising company drools for.

If you want to have a knowledge bank of information you can use Retrieval. There’s much more room there.

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It seems Retrieval (and all Plugins) are gone.

100% agree memory is massively undersized. Hitting the memory limit here and feel like I am just getting started with using it.

Requesting major increase to memory size!!

Thanks for receiving my vote.

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Me too! I’ve been told 4o’s run out of memory, even though its memory contains only about 1500 words. This is a big limitation.