How long does it take to process files?

Hi all :wave:,

I am using GPT-3 for answering questions about the data uploaded by user.
To achieve this, I am calling the create answers endpoint right after uploading the JSONL file and getting:

Error: File is still processing. Check back later.

Also want to add that I am working with Typescript.

I assume that I am missing some fine print. Can you help me fix it?

@sps my guess is the jsonl file you upload is still being processed on their servers, as the error suggests. Try using retrieve to check the status of the file. All you have to do is wait, unless an error has occurred on their backend.

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Thanks @asabet

This sounds like a plausible solution. Iā€™m going to try this in the morning.

How often would you recommend sending the retrieve requests?

Iā€™m thinking to check once/sec given how requests could just queue up and consume resources.

PS: I tried working on your hypothesis that files take some time to process on their servers, and by adding a delay of 10 sec between upload and fetch it worked.

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