openai.error.InvalidRequestError: File is not ready

Hi, I’ve tried to run the following bare-bones fine tuning script for the past 16 hours with the above error:

import json
import os
import openai
openai.api_key = os.environ.get("OPENAI_API_KEY")
training_response=openai.File.create(file=open("training_data.jsonl", "rb"), purpose="fine-tune")
print("Training_file_ID:", training_file_id)
response = openai.FineTuningJob.create(training_file=training_file_id, model="gpt-3.5-turbo")
job_id = response["id"]
print("Job ID:", response["id"])
print("Status:", response["status"])

After printing the training file id :Training_file_ID: file-la2K7W0nne2yt0Cd1hMUtu4A
the traceback is: Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:/Users/lingo/python_scripts/gpt_finetune/", line 11, in <module>
    response = openai.FineTuningJob.create(training_file=training_file_id, model="gpt-3.5-turbo")
  File "C:\Users\lingo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\openai\api_resources\abstract\", line 57, in create
    response, _, api_key = requestor.request(
  File "C:\Users\lingo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\openai\", line 298, in request
    resp, got_stream = self._interpret_response(result, stream)
  File "C:\Users\lingo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\openai\", line 700, in _interpret_response
  File "C:\Users\lingo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\site-packages\openai\", line 765, in _interpret_response_line
    raise self.handle_error_response(openai.error.InvalidRequestError: File file-la2K7W0nne2yt0Cd1hMUtu4A is not ready

Is this due to system overload, or have I made a mistake I just don’t see? Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

There was an outage of the Fine-Tune system for a period yesterday, that could be the cause, can you try it again now?


Hi @terencelewis06

Welcome to OpenAI community.

Usually it takes some time for the file to be ready after it finishes uploading.

The openai.File.create returns the file object which has a status attribute which tells the current status of file.

status : string

The current status of the file, which can be either uploaded, processed, pending, error, deleting or deleted.

You can only proceed with fine-tune if the file is processed.

To run fine-tune once the file is processed, you can make an API call to the Retrieve File endpoint with exponential backoff to check the status within the file object it returns, if it’s processed you can run create the fine-tune job.

Thanks for answering. I have to leave this for a while today, but will investigate further and report back.

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I have now resolved this issue by modifying my app to ensure that there is a brief time between my “Upload files” command and the start of fine tuning. The fine-tuning command was being given while the training file status was still “uploaded” but not yet ready.


Thanks for this. do you have an estimate time between create/upload file to openai and trunning the fine-tune job?

May be it takes minutes to hours rather then a seconds with the prompting or months with the pre-training

I just went off and made a coffee and when I got back I was able to run the fine tuning job. In a following test I just counted up to 20 pressed the “Run” button and it ran. I guess it depends on the server load at the OpenAI end.

Hey @terencelewis06 , since you are you using the openai python library to run your scripts you can also use the helper function wait_for_processing as such


It will block until the file is processed and you can then proceed with the fine-tune. It has a default wait time of 30 minutes, but can be adjusted by setting the named function parameter max_wait_seconds, like so

openai.File.wait_for_processing(id="insert-your-file-id", max_wait_seconds=60)

Thanks for that info. I’ve already split “Upload” & “Run” into two separate functions with two buttons in my app. That seems to cope with the delays.