How do you get user feedback?

Hi, have you found a good way to obtain valuable user feedback directly from the chat? The best way I could think of is to train the plugin to directly ask feedback as text and then to have an endpoint dedicated to receiving the feedback. Of course, the user should explicitly approve of this.

I think these sorts of features will be added to the Plugin store over time, at this point it’s all hand on deck to gets apps out to users, but I think the Plugin store and the entire ecosystem is going to become a feature rich and developer friendly experience with time.

This is my feeling too, but until we get there, it would be nice to measure user satisfaction somehow.

Yea, I’m wondering if you could introduce some kind of “Feedback” url?

Maybe this…

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have a “chat done” function for the AI to hang up, that signals your handling code that you now go to the feedback page or new prompted session.

@cosmin.tudor I’ve been working on something I think can help with this challenge, a feedback url if you will. It relies on eliciting good / bad signals from users and making it easy to monitor those signals as feed back on the system. If you think it might help you, I’d be glad to give you access to try it out.