How do I see the specific prompt that was passed in API the prompt logs?

Is there a method to view the usage log, such as the specific prompt that was passed? Although the Dashboard displays the tokens used, it doesn’t seem to show the actual prompt. Is there a way to access this information?

These are the request I want to see: OpenAI Platform

I saw someone showing prompt history from their API usage on the playground on YouTube, is this still possible? I see the history button in the playground, but I don’t see where I can access the history from the API usage.

There’s no API history/log provided by OpenAI. You’d need to build your own wrapper around your calls.

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Each time you make an API request, you should log parameters of the request (prompt, embeddings found, temperature, model name, …), and when you get an answer, log the result (status code, tokens consumed, etc.)
You can then take those logs into your log analytics system and build dashboards and such around them.
Here’s what I log (in go, using HTTP API):

    olog.V(3).Info("torturing robot",
        "answernum", anum,
        "queryTokens", pq.totalWeight,
        "numDocuments", len(pq.gotnugs),
        "idtok", req.Idtok,
        "docfiles", ojson.JSONString(pq.docfiles),
        "digest", nuggets.Digest,
        "help_model", HelpModelName,
        "temperature", 0.0)

“pq” is the prepared query; “gotnugs” are the retrieved embedding matches, idtok is the session ID, digest is the version of the prompt database.
You will note that I don’t log the prompt itself, but that’s stored in the conversation thread database if I need to look it up.