Chat Completion prompt/response logs

Hey there, I’m designing a service on my web application that receives user instructions from the GUI, applies certain contextual data and submits a prompt to the Chat Completions API; then, it handles the response and returns it back to the GUI. Is there an API to retrieve the content of a past prompt and its response log?

This is to help troubleshoot issues with the suggestions, so I don’t need to save all prompts and responses to my logs… If OpenAI already stores the interactions of the past 30 days, I wonder if there is a way to retrieve them by just giving a few params such as the id and created and use them to retrieve recent interactions with the API.

This is my first time posting a question on this forum and I couldn’t find anything on this forum nor the docs. Thanks! :blue_heart:

Short answer, no, there is no retrieving from OpenAI API safety and logging system. The unique ID of a completion has no direct use to you.

OpenAI has a newer autonomous agent called “assistants” available on API, which maintains a conversation session for you, which much be run against a specially programmed AI backend method. It is somewhat limited, as the purpose is just to expose a mechanism for placing a user message “in”, and waiting for an assistant response “out” (and then unlimited conversation is still passed to the model every new input and run, growing up to the AI’s limits.)

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