How do I get an API? I found no page that does that

I might be the most idiot person on this earth, but I cannot, for crying out loud, get to a page on OpenAI website, that allows me to subscribe, or pay for an API key? WTF?

Hi there and welcome - Have you created an account already?

If not, then get started here:

For API keys, navigate to the following page:

from this topic if you use smarthphone. Lookingfor this word.

Documentation << touch it
Service status

Hey champ and welcome to the forum!

You can get your API key over here:

if you don’t have an account yet it will prompt you to sign up. You can purchase credits or add payment details over here:

I hope that helps :heart:

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Hey, thank you guys. The issue was that I was accessing via mobile, and the sidebar menu where the option to create API keys lied was never obvious to me. Happily, I found this excellent blog post from a third party, that pointed me in the right direction (google it if needed):

How to get your ChatGPT API key (4 steps) -

Also, something that added to the confusion, was the fact that I was redirected to the ChatGPT interface after logging in, not sure why. Manually changing the URL in the browser (which is rather challenging on mobile) had it work.

Thank you again, everybody.