How do I embed a single web page in an Assistant?

I’m creating an Assistant that needs to have knowledge about my personal website. I have looked for solutions but only found ways to integrate general web scraping inside GPTs. This would be overkill, as I only need a single page to be searched. What would be the best approach for this?

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You don’t need to make crazy smart web scraping. But you can do a simple get, clean, and load the core of the content to your context (or save it as a .html or .txt that you load as a file for browsing)

The rest of the article isn’t relavant to you but you can see a simple example for scraping and cleaning a site in this free medium article I wrote on Feb:

You can even do the process only once, then save the result, no need to scrape it every time you have a question or new thread.

Happy building!

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I have implemented your solution and it’s working, many thanks! I do have an additional question though, if you could help. How can I set a “persistent behavior” for the chatbot to assume throughout the conversation? Is there any appropriate way that works best, or would just an initial prompt injected in the first query do the job?

The system prompt is meant for this. Here’s some more info from a forum discussion:

If the behavior you need changes, or you need different message types to drive different behaviors, you can inject some pre-prompt instructions around the message you’re sending over.