How do I consistently get a GPT to show an image created via Code Interpreter?

I’m creating Diagram Genie, a GPT that generates diagrams using Graphviz.

I can get the GPT to consistently generate a file for download. But I’d also like it to show the diagram inline, using a markdown image reference.

Unfortunately, I can’t consistently get it to both (1) generate a download link and (2) show the image inline.

Inline images need to reference a different URL, for user content, than the download link, and this seems to confuse the GPT.

Any suggestions?

I am also struggling with this, except I always want the image_file returned. I have also not figured out how to retrieve the file when this is added to the text reply “Download the image” either.

Actually, I now see that the file id is included in the annotation and I just use that to get the image. So now I just want it to stop offering the image in the text reply.

Are you always able to get the annotations when a file is referenced in the text? What am I supposed to do with this message if there is no file ID included in the annotations? My annotations are empty.
{ "id": "msg_n4Tw0MdurPcCYGOMyYdkBeuW", "object": "thread.message", "created_at": 1702491022, "thread_id": "thread_v9CtLDXsXhBG6TTzd2Z22CwN", "role": "assistant", "content": [ { "type": "text", "text": { "value": "Here is the chart displaying the... :\n\n![name](sandbox:/mnt/data/name.png)", "annotations": [] } } ], "file_ids": [], "assistant_id": "asst_bqxCGppY3ZjVI0tK6ULUzh2K", "run_id": "run_Cu1VYGXDx5XjrbWQhPzVXsjv", "metadata": {} }

I think you’re referring to the Assistants API and I was referring to a GPT. Sorry, but I don’t think I can help with that issue :frowning:

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