How can we provide more than 1000 characters prompt to Image Generation API

Basically, I wanted Dall.E to generate something like

on the basis of the given data but the prompt length is more than 1000 characters.
how to provide long prompts and can we do this using Dall.E, and is it possible to do this type of Image Generation


This kind of thing is not yet possible, it may be in another 12 months, or maybe a few years, but for now this kind of fully finished graphical output is a step to far.

You can generate a lot of the elements in this image but they still have to be looked at and signed off by a human, then placed into the image by hand.

Okay, so can you suggest some ways to achieve anything closer to the image show

Yes, you could create a procedurally generated image, where image elements are placed on a digital canvas according to a pre-defined set of rules and input values that are handled in traditional computer code.

That would be how the original image is generated, if it is indeed automatically done.

The image elements would be created by a designer and then placed together with some eye to aesthetics and the user experience and subsequently used by the code.

okay, so at any point can I use Dall.E? If yes then let me know or let me know the sample prompt for this

What I am saying is you could use prompts to generate the money symbols … like “Money icon, plain white background in a professional business style with a modern twist” and that would generate the money icon graphics, then repeat that for all of the elements.

There is currently no single prompt to make an image like the one you have shown.

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Okay thanks, for the help @Foxabilo