How can LLM powered agent be a specialist in a specfic domain?

I am not an engineer so I might be asking a very simple question,
but I really want to understand how agent can be a specialist in a specific domain.
For example, how can an agent be a master in creating marketing copy?
What I know is that LLM powered agent is consisted of bunch of prompts, memory, user feedback, available tool sets. Then is it a ‘memory’ and ‘user feedback’ that makes agent be especially smart in marketing copy writing?

The language model AI that OpenAI uses (that has become the industry default because of its demonstrated performance) has two parts of training using machine learning:

  1. Train on a huge corpus of knowledge
  2. Fine-tune using supervised learning and human feedback.

The secret is the second part, thousands, millions, of previous typical conversational exchanges where people have asked the AI to perform a task, and trainers have rated potential outputs better, worse, or written their own types of desired training.

“Write me a tweet” is actually a lot easier than “summarize the scripts of season 1 of Rick and Morty”.

That allows the AI to take on the specialization of the desired language production. You will see the quaint tuned marketing speak below where the AI now thinks that my business flyer should be aimed at texting tweens with twitter emoji. That type of output must have been more appealing to outsourced knowledge workers.

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