How can I use a finetuned model into GPTs. Would Action be a solution?

In GPTs builder one cannot choose a specific model. So if I finetuned a model for my company and I want to use the ChatGPT interface I’m not able to (I have to build another interface and use the Assistant API). I was wondering if setting in the Action the API of the Assistant with the finetuned model I can be able to use the finetuned model inside GPTs. Is that something possible even if does not make much sense?

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While not trivial it is possible to build a ChatGPT like environment for your custom API driven fine tuned model to work with. There are pre made solutions such as streamlit and you can also commission or build a custom interface should you choose.

Yes, I understand I wanted to know there’s an integrated way to do it within the ChatGPT environment since going to ChatGPT it already became part of the workflow for part of the company

That is an interesting proposition, one I’m sure will become a common request, for now though, that is not a feature that is offered.

Ok, thank you. Is there a way to suggest the possibility of choosing finetuned model in GPTs to someone?

You can make a post in the Feedback category, although I think I have seen this request before, but by all means make a post and add your voice.