How can I update assistant files?

If I have a new version of a file I want to update an assistant with, what is the correct process?

Do I delete the file and upload a new one with the updated content?

How long will it take for the new content to be recognized?

Will there be a knowledge gap while the assistant updates this file content?

Should I upload the new file first, then wait a bit before deleting the old content?


Moreover, is it possible to get the filename in the files response? If a user intends to overwrite a file, I have to keep track of all the assigned IDs of any previously uploaded files.

"id": "file-7wur6ujHBYCyeCAaxWYkwW",
"assistant_id": "asst_2xUROYaoB1tTos7L9jSs5J",
"created_at": 1702395874,
"object": "assistant.file"