How can I edit the original image while maintaining its feature values?

I want to change the real image to pixel art or 2D game style with maintaining original image’s feature values as i said in titles.

At first, I tried to use the Variation function, but eventually decided that it would be better to try editing to change the style.

I am trying to use the edit function of the API and testing it with the following code.

response = client.images.edit(
    image=open("original.png", "rb"), 
    mask=open("mask.png", "rb"), 
    # prompt="pixel art style of face with original imgae's features ",
    prompt="An image similar to the original one, but the masked area is replaced with a pixel art style.",

the results, However, do not reflect the characteristics of the original image at all.
I understand that this is because the value of the masked area does not exist, but is there any way?

this is the exmamples of results
The original photo is wearing thick glasses, has white skin and black hair.
but the results are not looks like that