Change image to vector image style?

Hello - is it possible to use the DALL E API to change an existing image to a “vector image” like this - see attached

  1. Creating images from scratch based on a text prompt (DALL·E 3 and DALL·E 2)
  2. Creating edited versions of images by having the model replace some areas of a pre-existing image, based on a new text prompt (DALL·E 2 only)
  3. Creating variations of an existing image (DALL·E 2 only)

This is from the image generation docs, at this time dalle 3 is only able to create new images from scratch.

You can attempt to use dalle 2 to edit existing photos, but this is meant for things like inserting objects or altering a background, not changing the style.

The only endpoint that takes an input image and return another image with differences in the content is “variations”. It doesn’t take a prompt.

Carefully preparing an input for it:

We get an output.

It looks like any areas of “danger” have also been post-processed…

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