How Can AI Save the Environment? Share Your Ideas!

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Let’s discuss how existing AI, like GPTs, can help save the environment. Share your best ideas, prompts, or experiences on how AI can make a positive impact.

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The next sentence is not a prompt or a GPT’ answer:

If someone can modelize (& gives stats) the environnemental cost of an AI infrastructure Vs the positive impact on the environnement … then it would be a good factual start.

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A great question @Mr.Johan , i guess it depends on how it will be used.
Look on the video from Andrew Ng. Minute 17.
Therefore i suggest this conversation here. Lets not talk about how we can make better ads. Lets talk about how everybody of us can already make an impact with the tech available.

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From the automotive sector, the prospect of not unnecessarily writing-off cars after collisions could have an enormous impact. A large issue right now is the ballooning costs, which lead to higher charges/rates, and thus lead to cars being too expensive to fix.

From the side of a repair shop, if I’m uncertain that a car can be repaired in a cost effective manner I will push for it to be a write-off since it’s a waste of time. If it’s possible to reduce the costs through optimization, this could bring a change in mindset.

It would now be economically viable for me to repair that car for a lower price, thus keeping it out of a salvage yard and preventing a perfectly usable machine from being crushed.

The cost of energy & C. related to problem… i think at the 50% of work, the environment has more damage, talking at 360°.