Horrible CHATGPT web interface

OPENAI needs to seriously reconsider fire the whole department responsible for maintaining the ChatGPT web interface. The interface struggles with basic web browser compatibility, fails to manage cookies effectively, provides a narrow text area, mysteriously loses customization settings icon, and adopts a non-standard text format, causing headaches when pasting into programs like Word or LibreOffice, it inserts commands into the text, making copying a frustrating ordeal. Perhaps the most infuriating issue is its scrolling while replying, which disrupts reading and copying. The new releases that suppose to solve issues creating even more. A single Freelance web developer could likely outperform this horrible team.

How could a company known for developing the smartest AI fail at delivering a simple, functional web interface? The auto-scrolling issue has been unresolved for over a year. It is impossible to miss this issue. It is a 30 minutes job for an experienced Web Developer fixing tha auto scrolling issue. After all these Billions of Dollars invested, Openai doesnt have a single Web Developer to fix an issue that everyone is complaining about? The only answer is that the department looking after the web interfase is usless. This poor web interface suggests that ChatGPT’s success might have been more about luck than skill. It also points to a serious lack of quality control within the company. If they continue this way, most likely will be another failed giant with great potential after a decade like other technology giants who ignored user’s complaints.