Hit daily limit in the first hour

I have 22hours and 28 minutes to wait, was fine generating yesterday all day and as per the 22 hours 28 minute wait suggests the timer got reset an hour ago, I have no idea how I could have hit the limit.

Maybe its the repeating issue that my counter is counting up instead of down and that I should wait an hour, but this seems weird, yes I did generate some in the past hour but not that much that it warrants triggering any limit

Now I have it again, I’ve just slept a long time, I do not believe it is possible I did that many today and last time I had hit the daily limit it would reset at 4 am my time. It is now 2 am, and it says I have to wait 17 hours, now I know likely it is still doing the counting up instead of down issue, but if this thing resets on the daily it should be at 4 am like the last time before, but as per my calculations I now need to wait 7 hours before reset, 5 hours past the last time that I checked was the point where the timer was reset last time I encountered a daily limit.

So is this even a daily limit or just some arbitrary random thing?

Why is there no daily counter?

Why am I left in the dark about resets?

Why is this so buggy and bad?