Hiring an English prompt Designer (NEW)

Hi Open Ai Community, we currently have an opening for an experienced prompt designer to take on a couple of projects (potential to become a full-time employee). Ideally, you would be a native English speaker and have a good amount of experience with fine-tuning. Most of the prompts will be tailored to digital marketing such as website copy, SEO, and Ads. Drop your information below and I will follow up with you directly.


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Not looking for full time but happy to chat ref specific projects.

I worked in SEO & content marketing for quite a few years and have been working on various approaches to generating high quality content( example: OpenAI keeps repeating input as output - #7 by jeffinbournemouth )

Also just completed an Ad generation tool for a tiktok/Fb advertising consultant.

You can DM here or contact me on LinkedIn:

Hi @jeffinbournemouth - thank you for the reply. Just sent you a DM.

Hi, im interested. My email is kingykingy1188@gmail.com