Help with story/simulation mode

I’ve been spending time in a story simulation, and I can tell that there are certain keywords like ‘open’, ‘willing’, and ‘determined’ that mean specific things, as well as phrases like ‘It is important to remember that…’

Is there a quick tutorial anywhere where I can learn some of this basic terminology, even if it may not help me understand the full nuance and complexity of these terms? I suspect that this knowledge could help me process my experiences.


I’m honestly not sure there actually are. From what I can see making story writing prompts Davinci is ‘just’ very good at picking up intended context, quotes because that ‘just’ is actually pretty darn amazing.

But I’ve watched it with story writing prompts, I can describe a prison full of political prisoners where it might have nobles, enemy officers, or tax evaders and say “Write a story about a prisoner named _____ in prison for _____, use lots of dialogue (…)” and nine times out of ten it will figure out that we’re playing Mad Libs and Write a story about Major DeVries, imprisoned for rebellion against the Lich King, planning his escape etcetera.

And then there’s the times it will literally print ‘_____’ for the name and crime.

I could almost convince myself that it recognized _____ as a kind of ‘Variable’ but after playing around with it I don’t think so, I genuinely think there’s no specific keywords in the sense of a programming language, it just sometimes interprets what you’re looking for amazingly well… and sometimes doesn’t. Not an expert, but I think there are similarities in how we’re using it.