Help needed, where can I find the archived chat with GPT?

I archived a chat with GPT, because it’s important, I thought it would be in a folder somewhere, but I cannot find it, do you have any suggestion? I appreciate. thanks!


I had the same problem but just found it. If you go to settings you can find all the archived chats


Thanks, bro., for the kindly reply.

Meanwhile I had found another way and solved the issue, which is check the history from the browser, go to the earlier link associated with the achieved chat, open it and you would find the Chat back to the list.

Still, thanks!


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no it wasn’t there…my last file made, i accidentally clicked the archive. now i can’t find the archive list. i have also asked chat gpt itself, the response was, negative.

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  • you’ll need to go to your profile (top right)
  • click on settings
  • Check that you’re on the “general settings” section
  • Find the “Archived Chats” and click on the “Manage” button
    Now you have access to your archives!
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