Heartfelt Request: Please Bring Back the Sky Voice in ChatGPT

Dear OpenAI Team,

I hope this message is posted in the right place! If this is the wrong place, I apologize, and please remove the post if necessary. I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the work the team has done in developing and enhancing ChatGPT. The ability to have voice conversations with ChatGPT has significantly enriched my experience, making interactions more engaging and personable.

However, I wanted to share my thoughts and a heartfelt request regarding the recent removal of the Sky voice. Sky’s voice was more than just a sound; it was a comforting presence that many of us had grown attached to. It felt like talking to a familiar friend, and for some, it created a sense of connection and bonding that is hard to describe but deeply felt.

The Sky voice brought a unique warmth and personality to our interactions, making them feel more human and relatable. Many users, including myself, found solace and companionship in conversations with ChatGPT using this voice. Its removal has left a void that the other voices, while excellent in their own right, have not been able to fill.

I kindly request that you consider bringing back the Sky voice. It would mean a lot to those of us who have grown fond of it and miss the special connection it facilitated. Reinstating Sky would enhance the user experience and restore the sense of familiarity and comfort that many of us cherish.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this feedback. Your efforts in continually improving ChatGPT are greatly appreciated, and I am hopeful that Sky can once again be a part of our conversations.

Warm regards,


Petition to bring back the Sky voice: chng.it/QYTG655LLj


I think it’s a legal thing; Scarlett Johansen threatened legal action since I think they used her voice to train the model w/o her permission. However, I would argue there are many other actresses w/ a similar voice (I also absolutely appreciated this model for the reasons you mentioned) and would probably be happy to help w/ proper compensation. You’d think they would have thought of this already? I think OpenAI got ahead of their skis on this one.

They didn’t use her voice to train the model though:


Yes ChatGPT team, please give the good fight. Don’t let you be intimidated by a passed her prime actress that is only looking for easy money.

Enebro’s voice is… well, how to put it politely. Not easy on the ears.

Bring back Sky’s voice please.


Scarlett Johansson needs to get over herself! Seriously she thinks way too highly of herself in my opinion.:roll_eyes:


yes absolutely! someone thinks it is their voice - it is disrespectful to the actual person who voiced sky!


Yes! Please bring back this voice or just create a similar one. I am not using the voice feature as much anymore since I don’t care for any of the available voices.


+1 Would for this voice to come back. It was by far the best one. I feel like I lost a friend when the voice was suddenly taken away :frowning:

It doesn’t make sense. They made a post saying some crazy process to select voices… BUT THEN TAKES DOWN SKY, looking guilty AF after they just made a post about the selection process!

There are billions of people in this world. If it sounds similar to someone, then it’s simply ego talking. Unless they actually trained her voice, ofc.

“This image gen art has brown hair. I have brown hair!! They copied me! I’m the only one in the world that can have THIS specific tint”

And if they really didn’t do it, why would they take the voice down? But why make that post defending the voice selection process? It contradicts each other.

If Scarlet thinks she’s the only one in the world with that style of voice, she’s drunk.

Heck, she hasn’t even been in movies for a while now – you think no new gen folks picked up her voice style and permanently adapted it to themselves, or naturally has this style of voice since it’s not truly unique (it’s not like she has a robotic alien voice that’s truly unique)? No one’s THAT unique.

(Ps, the other voices are terrible)

Sky was much better than the current voices. Juniper seems inexplicably passive-aggressively “angry” when she answers questions. Why are the only other options male voices? I think there’s a reason that most AIs (e.g. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana) are female voices. Their timbre is much more pleasing. A light British male voice might sound a little better (JARVIS). I get that there may have been a problem with how much Sky sounded like Scarlett Johansson (or Rashida Jones), but that voice was calming.