Has anyone been able to integrate Twitter API via Action in CustomGPT?

Heyy! Has anyone been successful with integrating Twitter using Action with their customGPT, let’s say find relevant tweets or replies against any specific query or term?

I am not the brightest person when it comes to the code, so all help is appreciated! :smiley:

I believe Twitter API is a pay service now.

You might search GitHub or similar…

Oh, I didn’t know that. Still interested in learning how to implement it by adding action in customgpt.

Yeah, devs were upset. I’m not sure if Musk reversed it or not.

There’s a ton of free API’s though.

The OpenAI Cookbook page for Assistants API with Python is a good read.

this kind of functionality is behind a X (twitter paywall), but if you are paying for their API you can do it.

Here is the overview of the 2023’s Twitter API Changes: The missing FAQ for Free & Basic access - Superface.ai changes and quick TLDR https://istwitterapifree.com

Yes it is possible. I have a custom GPT where you can post to X. That is currently the only action at the moment: ChatGPT - MyX


can you please share how you manage the API. I tried OAUTH 2.0 but it didnt work. after searching youtube and google i found that it can only be achieved if we use OAUTH and token both in authentication. it can be done using python but in GPT i suppose either we can use OAUTH or bearer token.

Please guide me if you have any other solution.

the wonderful @zdne has a solution called superface.ai, which I highly approve of it. I have been through over 20 platforms and they are for sure top 3. (Trust me I have done research as I want to build something like this myself). I have created over +10 GPT’s playing around with some of the stuff they have now. Literally can get set up in 10min. Once again you can check it out and sign in from here ChatGPT - MyX

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