GPTs stalling with multiple approval requests

I have a plugin that I am transferring to a GPT. It interacts with a host of API endpoints. This works fine in the plugin but as a GPT it keeps stopping without any feedback.

Has anyone else experienced this?

By adding x-openai-isConsequential = False to the post actions and then setting every endpoint to “always allow” seemed to help but the current process for doing this makes it unusable. I have tried setting all of the endpoint to always allow under “Privacy Settings” but it still seems to ask and then I need to continually rerun until they are all allowed.

I get the impression that the multiple tool calling stalls if multiple endpoints require approval. It would be nice if the approval was on an action/server level rather than for individual endpoints.

Has anyone else seen something like this and have a solution?

I haven’t run into that specifically but I did have issues with it stalling with requests after several questions into the thread. No matter what I did, it stalled out and wouldn’t continue on multiple occasions.

I am seeing this as well. For now I just tell GPT to continue and then the allow/deny prompt appears for the subsequent action.

For me the UI does not show the progress of executing multiple steps, which is a bug.

But my multiple steps eventually finish ok and the chat then shows the response ok. I haven’t seen it totally freeze up yet, other than the long pauses as the multiple steps execute in the background.

All in all, gpt’s are a dumpster fire to me. Action edits are not saved, knowledge files cannot be uploaded from all browsers, and they seem to have some sort of nasty versioning flaw where the gpts stop following entered instructions.

Hope they keep plugins around until they fix all the problems with gpts. Even then, I suspect users will not like the limitations of gpts vs. plugins.

Seems they have finally fixed the gpt UI so it shows multiple action steps, this is the first time I’ve seen my gpt show them:

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Yes - looks like it was updated overnight and now shows each call. I haven’t seen it stall with that update now.