GPTS Size. Cant uploading more docs to Knowledge

How many files can I upload at once per GPT?

Up to 20 files per GPT for the lifetime of that GPT. Keep in mind there are file size restrictions and usage caps per user/org.

What are those file upload size restrictions?

  • All files uploaded to a GPT or a ChatGPT conversation have a hard limit of 512MB per file.

  • All text text and document files uploaded to a GPT or to a ChatGPT conversation are capped at 2M tokens per files. This limitation does not apply to spreadsheets.

  • For images, there’s a limit of 20MB per image.

  • Additionally, there are usage caps:

    • Each end-user is capped at 10GB.

    • Each organization is capped at 100GB.

    • Note: An error will be displayed if a user/org cap has been hit.