GPTS - Actions and Oauth (with google)

I built a GPT with an Action on google calendar APIs, basically to read the events. I set up the oauth correctly but when i try it with the live GPT i get to the auth panel ( as user) and then redirected to the chat but there I get “Couldn’t log in with plugin.” error. How can i solve this

Hello, I was wondering if you got through this issue ? I am unable to create an action using Google Calendar API without using Zapier or Superface

Anyone tried calling Google api from openai assistant api function calling

An update on GPT Actions → Invoking Google Calendar API - I was able to use a “Superface.AI” for connecting my GPT with Google Calendar. It was super easy and saved a lot of time trying to understand Google’s API Documentation and authentication.

DISCLAIMER: I work at Superface

You can use Hub Connect GPTs to Google Calendar to connect your GPT to google including the authentication for your end-users.

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In fact I used and I loved it, got my issue resolved. Although the API needs improvement but works pretty easily out of the box.

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It sounds like there might be an issue with the callback URL in your OAuth setup. Please make sure that the callback URL specified in your Google Developer Console matches exactly with the one required by your GPT application. Here’s how you can check and update it:

  1. Go to the Google Developer Console (
  2. Select your project, and navigate to the Credentials section.
  3. Find your OAuth 2.0 Client IDs and click on the one used by your application.
  4. Under ‘Authorized redirect URIs’, check if the correct callback URL for your GPT application is listed. If not, add it here.

After updating, try the authentication process again. If the problem persists, you might want to review the entire OAuth consent screen setup to ensure all required details are correctly provided.

happy to improve it, just ping me here or over our user support. thanks :raised_hands: