GPT4 won't produce results for simple code

For the past 3 days simple python code won’t execute in the ChatGPT 4 environment. At first I thought it was a problem with specifically uploading files to try and test the code produced, but even giving it a small 5-6 lines test dataset I get “Due to the limitations of the current environment, I’m unable to directly execute the code to process and display the results from the sample data you provided”

I know it didn’t use to be like this. I’ve ran way more complex datasets and uploaded even more complex files and all ran without a problem. Anyone else has been dealing with such a problem lately ?

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Same here. Uploaded a dataset, performed a few basic analysis and then it just shut down. I ended up asking: “Why do you have limitations in executing code currently?” to which it replied:

"The limitations you’re observing in executing code are due to a technical issue within the system that’s preventing the execution of Python code at the moment. This can happen for various reasons, including system maintenance, unexpected errors in the code execution environment, or issues with the platform’s infrastructure.

While I can provide detailed explanations, guidance, and code snippets based on your requests, the actual execution of these code snippets to manipulate data, perform calculations, or generate visualizations is not proceeding as expected due to these technical constraints.

For any data analysis, visualization, or manipulation tasks, I recommend running the provided code snippets in your local Python environment, where pandas for data manipulation and matplotlib or seaborn for data visualization are available. This approach will allow you to directly observe the outcomes and make any necessary adjustments based on the full capabilities of your local software and hardware resources."

No idea what’s going on.