GPT4 nerfing to ridiculous degree with proof

I am a daily GPT4 user, and I use playground in all versions. ChatGPT 4 has become unusable and confused. Here is proof:

GPT4 first public version would NEVER EVER not EVEN CLOSE have made that mistake… Like if people remember what it was and then look at this STUPID OBVIOUS mistake,

My serious question is to the devs: Have you seen Claude, Bard and Llama? Do you really think if you keep nerfing GPT like such you will have any chance as that is your ONLY advantage being $20 to keep people and that very advantage you are throwing away.

Never ever ever have being quiet and silent about secretly nerfing a product ended well, your community is WAY TOO close and vigilant, just for this dishonest relationship you guys at OpenAi want to keep the SECOND another A.I reaches old GPT4 quality I will switch to it happily. ZERO LOYALTY HERE coz you lost it all.

Have you come out and said "Yes we have NERFED THE DOGHELL out of ChatGPT for reason 1 2 and 3 - THEN atleast then we have some type of reasoning here and can come up with solutions but to try and CONSTANTLY INSULT US as if we are CRAZY and that NO NERFING has been done is the worse possible move a company can take.

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