Terrible performance degradation GPT Plus

Guys, listen, it is serious, GPT-4 performance sucks. After 12th May release, (now 24th May) something really went wrong. In all aspects. GPT-4 now makes stupid mistakes, plus it forgets every 5th or 6th conversation. Wake up …
If this continuous, I’ll have to stop my subscription and move on, you guys are wasting my time.

after correcting, new analysis

This is using notable plugin, with browser plugin it is much worse.


after correction

another example

Its difficult to draw any real conclusions here when we can’t compare it to its performance previously. Its not great at math period, and it has always made mistakes, since day 1.


Yup, GPT-4 actually quite bad with calculations. This is actually one of the more useful uses for plugins. It’s probably on their priority list and will likely be fixed some time in the year, but until then, you might want to try using the Wolfram plugin for anything that uses math and calculations.

There’s some research into this here: GitHub Next | GPT-4 with Calc

I completely agree… I used to be able to have it make some code analysis and suggestions for me, now it forgets what I’m asking it very very quickly it’s become useless for me.


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